Altera SDK for OpenCL wins Ultimate Product - Software award of the year

Altera's SDK for OpenCL was recognized by this prestigious Ace Award for its ability to allow software programmers to access the performance and low-power advantages of FPGAs. Altera is the industry's first company to offer an SDK for OpenCL that targets FPGAs and today offers a full production release of the high-level design tool. The EE Times Ultimate Product - Software award recognizes the company with the most innovative software product of the year.    Read More

Vivante GC7000 GPUs Deliver Desktop-Class Graphics to Mobile Devices with OpenGL ES 3.1

Vivante Corporation announced multiple silicon partner integrations of its GC7000 Series GPU IP into SoCs targeting wearables, mobile, automotive, and 4K TV products. GC7000 will support the newly released OpenGL ES 3.1 API and hardware TS/GS/CS (tessellation / geometry / compute shader) extensions for Android. Integrated TS/GS/CS support puts the most advanced desktop 3D features in your hand bringing 4K rendering to the next level by adding even more stunning, fine-grained 3D detail and realism to game play, while lowering power and memory bandwidth.    Read More

Embedded Vision Summit West 2014 in Santa Clara

The Embedded Vision Summit West 2014 provides a unique opportunity for engineers to learn about the hottest technology in the electronics industry—embedded computer vision—which enables “machines that see and understand.” Summit West on May 29th will be held in the Santa Clara Convention center. Seats filled up very quickly last year, and so it is suggested that anyone who is interested in attending, please register today.   Read More

@Acceleware #OpenCL Training in Calgary Canada this coming June 2014
@EmbeddedVision Summit West 2014 in Santa Clara next month. Lots of Khronos members presenting. Registration is now online...
@giridhart We've attempting to rebuild the last few commits which died when written to the drive. Never made it to backups.
@codedivine Many thanks! OpenGL conformant products back online.
@int_SiPlus_void No idea if it will work. Feedback welcome. It's a simply copy of the GLES SDK directory
@Haikarainen Local copy uploading, will be ready shortly. Straight site copy, not tested. Feedback would be great
Khronos Server update. Damage was worse than thought. The colo is still working on restoring our server.
@g_truc I thought I got my scheduled tweets removed. *sigh*
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