COLLADA Implementers Resources

As a Khronos COLLADA Implementer you have access to resources for creating COLLADA-based products, and for verifying the conformance of those products. The information below will guide you through those processes.

COLLADA Implementer Account Profile:

At any time you can update your account profile, review the areas you have access to, or change your username and password.

Public Mailing Lists

For technical questions regarding COLLADA, conformance, testing, or test cases, join and submit questions to the COLLADA Public Mailing List.

COLLADA Conformance Test Suite

The Implementers Area gives you access to the information you need to run conformance or regression tests on your COLLADA software, including:

  • Access to the COLLADA Conformance Test Suite
  • Procedures for integrating your product with the test suite
  • Procedures for running the test suite with your product
  • Information on who to contact regarding test suite questions

Process Definition

Steps for Implementers running the COLLADA Conformance Test Suite:

  1. Register as a COLLADA Implementer.
  2. Download and install the current test package.
  3. Read the README file found at the top level of the package.
  4. Follow the instructions in the README to integrate the tests with your environment, execute them, and interpret the results. Repeat as necessary while fixing bugs in your software and/or adding required feature support in order to pass the tests.
  5. Submit your Result Package on the Upload page.
  6. You will be notified by email when your submission is successful, and subsequently any Conformant Products identified in the package may use the COLLADA text trademark and be described as conformant.